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What is this?

This is an award show to award members of the IMVU community for things they do on IMVU. You can read more here.

Can I nominate myself?


How can you be sure that votes are fair?

We do not use public voting to avoid manipulation. We use a panel of judges who have strict guidelines to adhere to. These judges have to be sure that they most definitely check out nominees, speak with them, read the interviews and make informed decisions on who they would like the award to go to. They are not allowed to accept bribes. Judges cannot have themselves or their family nominated and neither can staff.

How do I become a nominee?

When the nominations are open (announced on the website and Instagram),  a link to the form will be available here on the website.

What do I do when I become a nominee?

If you’ve signed the acceptance to become a nominee then all you will need to do as mandatory is complete an interview. That’s it.

Do I have attend anything in client?

No. Everything in client is optional. Winners are posted in the group and the live show is streamed.

How can you ensure that it is drama free?

All nominees have to abide by our terms to keep drama away from the show. They are dropped as nominees and in extreme cases, blocked if they break these terms. We have a report form for people to use and report nominees. We act quickly on trolls and have them removed and blocked.

What if I feel a nominee does not deserve to be nominated?

If you have a valid reason why they do not deserve their nomination you can report them and we can look in to it. Be aware that you will need proof.

How can I become a sponsor?

You can apply here on our website underneath the sponsorship tab. Simply fill out the form.

Can I work for IVA?

We are not hiring at the current moment in time.

Can I perform at/host the show?

We will have an application form up in the group and on our website where you can apply to host the September 2019 show.

How can I attend the live show?

You can reserve your free ticket, spaces are limited so you can watch the live stream on the website if you can’t attend.

Can I bring a plus one?

This is dependent on spaces. We have limited spaces and people bringing a plus one means less space for other nominees to attend.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing?

Please contact a member of staff under ‘contact’ or ‘the team’ and you will be directed appropriately.

Who do I message for questions?

For enquiries about nomination: Allureable or Mamirdz

For general enquiries: Allureable, Mamirdz or CatherineRogers.

For form completion help: Allureable’