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Another pretentious award show? No! ​

For the Whole Community

The IMVU Awards are an award show recognizing and showcasing the talent of the IMVU community itself.

Held annually, these awards are given to nominees put forward by the community in order to recognise their achievements, talents and their membership of the IMVU community. The awards are not a symbol of elitism or prestige but instead a trophy of recognition and applause. This award show caters specifically to all members of IMVU regardless of social media eliminating votes based on follower/post count. With strict rules in place, IVA ensures an even playing field for all nominees. 

No Competition

We aim to have everybody who partakes in the award show have an enjoyable time and not to breed elitism or snobbery. Our awards are not a define-all for who is “the best” but simply a way of honouring and recognising people who often go unnoticed. In fact you’ll notice none of our awards use the words “best”, “greatest” or “top”. IVA aims to avoid elitism and snobbery by encouraging all participants to be sportslike and friendly towards one another. We recommend nominees not see each other as competition but rather fellow people of talent who have been recognised just like them.


IVA has a no-nonsense policy on drama and we have policies on how to deal with trolls and trouble-makers, website and group. We ensure that nominees can stay safe from any targeting and are open to reports of any troublesome behaviour.

The Process


All nominees are submitted to us the public. IVA rarely puts forward their own nominations and instead leaves it up to the community.


To avoid vote manipulation and a popularity contest, a panel of judges thoroughly check through nominees and then put in their votes. Neither IVA staff nor the public are allowed to vote, it is only the judges. 

The Show

 A ceremony is then held to announce the winners and present their awards. The winners are showcased, interviewed and advertised within the group​ and on Instagram.


The IMVU Awards


The Process


All nominees are submitted by the public, spreading the word about the award show and inviting those you nominate to participate. 


A panel of judges checks out the nominees and then selects winners for each category. To avoid vote manipulation, the judges are the ones who pick the winners – not the public. 

the show

 A ceremony is then held to announce the winners and present their awards. The winners are showcased, interviewed and advertised within the group​.




Owner of the IMVU Community Awards, Allureable has been a part of the community for many years most proficiently in the modelling industry. Allureable was a furniture and room developer with her houses and modern furniture earning her her pro status. She previously owned IMVU’s Next Top Model 2.0 and has now gone on to create and execute the IMVU Community Awards now coming up to its 5th award show.


Head Coordinator

A seasoned model known for her edits and stunning runways, Mami joined IVA’s team firstly as a Nominee Correspondent and worked on the December 2018 show. Now Head Coordinator, she provides modelling edits for several Instagram pages.


Head Coordinator

Previous participant at the IMVU Community Awards, Catherine is an esteemed and active member of the IMVU community. Previous co-owner and judge of IMVU’s Next Top Model 2.0 and 3rd place runner-up in DOLL competition, she is a connoisseur of the modelling industry. She has also competed in various competitions such as  MacTV’s  ‘Model Land’ placing 3rd. She now owns a wedding planning business called CR Wedding Planners.



Owner of  the successful competition IMVU’s Next Top Model 2.0 and previous owner of the exclusive socialite community Little Black Dress, Chique is an esteemed businesswoman who has long been known for her incredible professionalism and creativity when it comes to her projects. Now bringing her brain to IVA, Chique has come on board as the Lead Administrator.



Modeling for 9 years, Laeliah is an established member of the fashion industry competing in several competitions and walking in runway shows. Her portfolio spans across judging for Editing Wars Cycle 2 and Editing for interior design magazine SPACES. She is currently a judge for DOLL and has won Enchanted Enterprises’s Rising Star Award in 2019. Laeliah hosted the IVAs September 2019 show and has now come aboard the team to lend her talents.


WEB DESIGNER & Event Coordinator

A socialite in the IMVU community for 12 years now, Minty has established herself as a longstanding and reputable renaissance woman. She has been a part of just about any type of organization you can imagine, often holding leadership positions.  When she is not designing websites, she is consulting for web graphics or participating in modeling competitions and high stakes game shows,